Supertec DL 47118 Spindle Repair

Supertec DL 47/118 Spindle Repair

This Supertec DL 47/118 spindle is grease lubricated, pulley driven, and capable of running up to 1,050 RPM.


This Supertec DL 47118 spindle spun freely by hand when it arrived at Northland Tool, but was noisy.  After completing a full breakdown and evaluation, we recorded that the #1 and #2 bearings had very little grease left and some contamination. Lastly, the front cover and shaft nut were both heavily rusted and the rear bearings felt rough when spun by hand.


Supertec DL 47118 Spindle Repair

Washed out and contaminated bearing



The following actions were performed on this Supertec DL 47/118 spindle:

  • Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  • Replace bearings, bolts, and o-rings



After reassembly of all components and adjusting bearing preload, we put the spindle through a rigorous break-in and testing procedure to make sure it passes our final quality inspection. See below for the passing test reports:

Front Bearings Vibration Analysis Spectrum:                 Rear Bearings Vibration Analysis Spectrum:

Supertec DL 47118 Spindle Repair               Supertec DL 47118 Spindle Repair

This spindle passed our final quality inspection and was returned to our customer with a 1-year warranty.


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