Walter 300411-587-108 Contamination kills spindles


Walter 300411-587-108, 6000 RPM, grease lubrication, pulley driven

The bearings in this older Walter grinding spindle were seized incoming, which would probably explain why the customer thought that there was a problem with the drive belt. The entire interior of the spindle was found to be contaminated with grinding swarf and cutting oil which had largely washed out the grease in the bearings. Our full dimensional evaluation of the bearing journals & shoulders, housing bores and the wheel hub OD taper did not uncover any noteworthy deviations. We did however notice some odd gouges on the sole bearing spacer, probably from a previous rebuild.


This is pretty close to the simplest type of what we here at NTE call a “straight” rebuild, which usually means that no extra remedies are needed other than a thorough cleaning of all components, reassembly with all new precision bearings, then the final test run, break-in and final QC. In this case, the spindle assembly technician reworked the spacer damage prior to putting it all back together. This extra step insures bearing longevity while not significantly impacting the rebuild lead time.


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