Weiss 176191 Spindle Repair

Weiss 176191 Spindle Repair | Case Study | Northland Tool


Upon receipt of this Weiss 176191 spindle, our technician discovered catastrophic failure of the rear roller bearing caused by coolant contamination, which also damaged the ID of the rear roller housing. The front bearing quad set had excessive grease protruding, which was also slightly contaminated with coolant. The drawbar nut was galled to the rear drawbar shaft threads and had to be cut off. Threads were severely damaged. The shaft tooling taper was worn and pockmarked, and measured with runout of 3-6µ. Gripper fingers were worn and one drive key was heavily damaged.


Clean, inspect overall dimensions. Convert to standard grease for life bearings & plug grease injection ports. Grind, chrome plate & finish grind rear roller housing. Kiss grind shaft tooling taper. Replace grippers, Bellevilles, drawbar shaft & nut, drive dog, seal, o-rings & assembly screws. Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection. We advised the customer to replace the rotary union to prevent coolant ingress from rear of spindle.

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