Brother TC-52DN Spindle Rebuild

Brother TC-S2DN Spindle Repair


Brother TC-S2DN, 10000 RPM, grease bearing lubrication, belt drive, 30 taper This is an example of the type of spindle which does not come to us as a complete cartridge, but as a shaft with bearings and in this case, a drawbar. Because we are not supplied with the bearing housing, we cannot test run the spindle. It is imperative that we use replacement bearings with an appropriate speed rating, especially in this situation.


Despite not being able to run up a shaft with bearings, we are able to insure that the dimensional tolerances of the bearing journals & tooling taper are within ISO or OEM specifications. We can typically also determine if tool retention force is within the specified range. In the case of this spindle, the bearing journals were in spec but the taper had significant damage and excessive runout. We were able to employ our Kellenberger 1000U to grind, hard chrome plate and finish grind the taper to correct this. We reassembled the spindle with new bearings, o-rings & 5mm gripper balls, set the bearing preload and then it was off to the customer.


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