DMG 635 Spindle Repair

This spindle was running at 6,000rpm’s when it “suddenly got real loud and smoked!”-it’s an 8,000rpm max, our customer occasionally runs at 8k but mostly at 6krpm. In the past they replaced the spindle 5 times from the OEM and it has only lasted “about 7 months on average”. (DMG gave them “a couple” at no charge). They were told, by DMG, that coolant was getting in the spindle and washing out the grease. We asked, and the spindle does have air purge, which they do use. I asked him if they had a coalescent filter in line and they didn’t believe so-but he will check as he told me that “come to think of it, sometimes when they spray air out of the compressor water comes out like a hose!” I also suggested he check and see if the air purge goes off when the spindle is off and suggested that if it does, they should see about setting it so the air purge stays on for a 1/2 hour after the spindle is turned off. This is was RUSH REPAIR-MACHINE DOWN.

After discussions with our customer we decided to improve the spindle design by incorporating a bearing compliment that is more robust than what came with it from DMG.

Possible cause of failure:
Spindle was seized
#1 and #2 bearings catastrophic failure.
O-rings are worn.

Repair action:
Clean, inspect overall dimensions.

Due to the frequent failures of this spindle and the cause of failure identified during the evaluation we have determined a change in the bearing assembly will increase your spindle life. We will be using a bearing compliment that increases the ridigity of the entire spindle assembly.

Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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