Fischer FIV80R250.44 Spindle Rebuild

Fischer FIV80R250.44 Spindle Repair


Fischer Fortuna FIV80R250.44 Grease lubrication, belt drive, 17000 rpm

  We have had this customer for over 20 years. Our contact had retired. We introduced ourselves to the new contact and stayed in touch. About a month later, they called and had a spindle go down and were sending it in. We received the spindle and found the front and rear bearings failed from contamination and the quill taper had 14 microns of run out.


We kiss ground the taper, replaced the bearings, balanced, and test ran the spindle. The spindle balance and vibration was good and the taper shipped with only 1 micron of run out.


After following up with the customer he is very happy with our rebuild and is sending another one.


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