Hauser 22S Spindle Repair

Hauser 22S Spindle Repair


Our customer reported that their Hauser 22S spindle was making a lot of bearing noise, and they suspected that it was worn due to years of use. They also supplied us with the collet, which had normal wear from regular use. Evaluation of the spindle confirmed that the rear bearing had become contaminated with metallic debris from bearing wear. The collet had .040'' of travel before it would bottom out on the front shaft threads.  


After cleaning and full inspection, no dimensional grinding work was discovered to be needed. This straightforward repair included replacement of all bearings, a new o-rings, and assembly screws. We also supplied a new collet. After adjusting preload, balance, assembly and break in, the Hauser 22S spindle passed final quality control inspection and was shipped back to the customer to be put back in service. This spindle was in and out of our shop and back in our customer's hands in six days.

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