Heald 9-2 Spindle Rebuild

Heald 9-2 Spindle Repair


Heald 9-2 grease lubrication, belt drive, 11,000 rpm   This returning customer is always in need of spindles yesterday. The spindles are in rough shape and typically need grind, chromium plating and finish grind to the shafts and housing. We have to give this customer options on turn times for the spindles. We quote the spindle with all of the necessary actions to return the spindle to ISO specifications and it will have a one year NTE warranty. The other option is putting the spindle back together with new bearings and seals only. This option does not include a warranty. The customer ultimately has all of the facts and figures in front of them and is allowed to make a decision on how they want us to proceed. Their decision is sometimes based on turn time and cost.


This repair was the latter of the two. They needed the spindle right away. It was rebuilt within 2 days and sent back to the customer. We quote the customer this way every time. They are happy that we give them options


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