Mazak VTC-20 Spindle Repair

Northland Tool repaired this Mazak VTC 20 spindle for our customer 8 years ago. It started to make some front bearing noise so our customer called us to set up a scheduled repair. With the advanced warning that the spindle was coming in and having the spindle pulled from the machine before additional damage from a failure occured made it possible to complete this repair in a few days. This enabled our long time customer to plan around the machine downtime and not miss deliveries to their customers.

Possible cause of failure:

  • #1 front bearing failure from contamination
  • Shaft taper is out of ISO
  • Grippers worn

Recommended action:

  • Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  • Replace bearings
  • Kiss grind shaft taper
  • Replace Grippers
  • Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in
  • Final quality control inspection


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