Shoda NC516P-1332 Spindle Repair

Shoda NC516P-1332 Spindle Repair

The Shoda NC516P-1332 spindle is off of a multi spindle CNC wood routing machine.  This spindle is oil mist lubricated and stator driven, allowing it to run up to 18,000 RPM.


Our customer sent in this Shoda NC516P-1332 spindle stating that the bearings were bad.  When it arrived at Northland Tool we noted that the spindle rotated freely, but the bearings felt worn and the shaft had a lot of radial and axial play.  After completing a full disassembly, we recorded that the front bearing journal was severely fretted and the front bearing shoulder had high run out.

Shoda NC516P-1332 Spindle Repair

Bearing journal fretted

It was also found that the front ID taper had extremely high run out and the front bearing housing was severely oversized.  Lastly, the field failed our incoming motor analyzer testing.


Shoda NC516P-1332 Spindle Repair

Incoming Motor Analyzer Fail



The following actions were performed on this Shoda NC516P-1332 spindle:

  • Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  • Replace bearings, bolts, and o-rings
  • Grind, plate, grind (GPG) the ID taper and front bearing journal
  • GPG the front bearing housing
  • Kiss grind the front bearing shoulder
  • Rewind Field



After reassembly of all components and adjusting bearing preload, we put the spindle through a rigorous break-in and testing procedure to make sure it passes our final quality inspection. See below for the passing test reports:

Motor Analyzer Summary:

Shoda NC516P-1332 Spindle Repair

This spindle passed our final quality inspection and was returned to our customer with a 1-year warranty.


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