Toshiba NX-76 Spindle Upgrade

A customer of ours was having problems with spindle life on a Tosihiba NX-76 Cat 50 taper cnc mill. The machine was originally purchased to cut parts at 12k rpm. Unfortunately that job ended a couple of years after they purchased five of these machines. The next job they took on required them to aggressively machine cast iron car parts. The high speed spindles where not able to handle the speeds and feeds and subsequently failed every 6 to 12 months. To stay competitive our customer needed to maintain the speeds and feeds, so they went to the OEM for help. The OEM offered them new spindles at $65,000.00 each with a 12 month delivery date.

The customer then contacted Northland Tool & Electronics to see if we could help. The spindles had 1pr of 1900 series ceramic bearings in the front of the spindle. This bearing arrangement is for higher speed, lower load applications.

The spindle was modified to take a quad set of 7024 bearings. This arrangement is perfect for high loads and lower speed applications. The engineering, lubrication modification, shaft modification, manufacture of bearing spacers, housing modifications and the ultimately the repairs were all performed in our facility.

At this moment the 1st spindle has been running in his machine for almost four years now. NTE at the least tripled his spindle life and has saved them $100,000.00 in new spindle costs. The delivery of the first repair was 3 weeks as opposed to 12 months from the OEM.

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