Weiss GHK 176239 Spindle Repair

Weiss GHK 176239 Spindle Repair


Catastrophic bearing failure was the main cause of this spindle malfunction

Continue reading to learn how Northland Tool performed this repair and converted a Weiss GHK 176239 spindle from grease-injected to permanent grease lubrication…

Weiss GHK-176239 Spindle Repair


This spindle showed evidence of being crashed with significant damage to the tooling taper ID, face, and chamfer. The front roller and angular contact bearings were severely contaminated and worn. Measurement of the front bearing journal shoulder showed high runout. Most of the Belleville washers were cracked, and a drawbar spacer was found to be damaged. The gripper fingers were excessively worn. The actuator had damage to (4) surfaces: adjustment cap face, housing ID shoulder, piston OD shoulder, and chamfer.  


This model of Weiss spindle was manufactured to be grease-injected, which requires costly maintenance of a separate lubrication system. We converted the spindle to permanent grease, which will benefit the user by eliminating these future maintenance costs. This rebuild included the following actions by NTE repair technicians:
  • Manufacture & install a new drawbar spacer
  • Rework damaged actuator surfaces
  • Grind, chrome plate & finish grind the tooling taper ID
  • Kiss grind the front journal shoulder
  • Replace all bearings, Bellevilles, grippers, seals, o-rings & assembly screws
  • Adjust preload, assemble, balance and break in
  • Final quality control inspection


Every Northland Tool repair is covered by a comprehensive 1-year warranty.


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