Yama Seiki Spindle Rebuild

Yama Seiki Spindle Repair


Our outside sales person Givin Owen had worked for months on this customer. They finally called in and stated that they had a Yama Seiki spindle for rebuild. The spindle was running hot and making noise. We received the spindle in and found the front bearing had a broken cage and the grease washed out from coolant. The gripper fingers showed signs of wear and the drawbar force was low. The taper had 10-20 microns of run out with the test bar.(10 microns are rock).


The spindle was quoted to replace bearings, orings, bellevilles, grippers and to kiss grind the taper


The outgoing report shows that the taper had 2 microns of run out, and the test bar showed 10 microns with no rock. The drawbar force was now within specifications and the vibration analysis was good. The customer has installed the spindle and is very happy with the results


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