Gamfior E13666M out of a Fidia Spindle Repair

18,000 rpm HSK Taper
Our customer sent us this spindle from his Fidia machine because the spindle was not able to hold the tight tolerances needed for his operation. The design of this Gamfior spindle is very unique. The spindle incorporates a two-piece shaft design that must be carefully taken apart to remove the front bearings. Special tooling was manufactured in our machine shop in order for us to disassemble and reassemble the spindle. Upon inspection it was found that one of the shaft pieces was ground incorrectly from a previous rebuild. This caused the two shaft pieces to misalign and ultimately led to the failure of the spindle. We ground; chrome plated and finish ground the shaft piece and the HSK taper. The spindle was assembled, run up at the customers running speed and balanced. The spindle passed all quality control checks.

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