Matsuura H Max 500 Spindle failure from contamination


#1 bearing failed from coolant contamination and does not feel smooth when spun by hand. Front cover was packed with coolant sludge. It has a large cosmetic dent but we will use as is. Front housing is oversized +12/+15µ where bearing locates. OEM stamped 'ground to +9µ' (ISO is +/-9µ). There is no visible fretting of the bearing and this deviation is not a cause of failure, we will use as is. Shaft taper has 6-14µ runout with visible windows & poor contact, also light face wear. Drive coupling has 150µ runout at the bent rear shaft nipple. Gripper fingers are worn.


Recommended action: Clean, inspect overall dimensions. Kiss grind shaft BT-40 taper, customer indicated that they do not use Big-Plus tooling. Replace bearings, drive coupling, grippers, ferrules, oil lines, push-connect fittings, spiral wire wrap, o-rings & screws. Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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