Matsuura MC600V Spindle Repair

Matsuura MC600V Spindle Repair


When we received this spindle for evaluation, it was noisy when rotated by hand. Upon breakdown, our technician discovered that the rear housing cover was coated with sticky coolant residue. Further investigation revealed that the #1 front bearing had failed, and the rear bearing showed contamination and early signs of failure. The tooling taper was pock-marked with excessive runout measured at >9µ, and additional wear showed on the face of the taper. Gripper fingers (collet) were significantly worn. The rear drawbar was contaminated and measured with low tool retention force due to several crushed Bellevilles.    


After cleaning and evaluation, we replaced Bellevilles, grippers, seals, o-ring, screws, and all bearings. A kiss grind was required to resurface the worn face and remove pock marks on the tooling taper. . All Northland Tool spindle repairs undergo the process of preload adjustment, balance, assembly and break in. This spindle passed a rigorous final quality control inspection before being sent back to our customer to be put back into service.

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