Matsuura RA 1X Spindle Repair

Matsuura RA 1X Spindle Repair | Rear Bearing Failure


Cause of failure: Catastrophic failure of the rear roller bearing, cage was destroyed & rolling elements were loose in the spindle shaft. Rear of spindle flooded with sticky coolant residue, likely from a leaking rotary union. Coolant residue found behind front cover, but this had not migrated to the front bearing set. Drawbar shaft end, grippers & gripper sleeve were severely damaged from corrosion & not functioning smoothly. Shaft tooling taper has 8µ runout.  


Repair action: Clean, inspect overall dimensions. Kiss grind tooling taper to improve runout. Replace bearings, drawbar assembly, crush rings, push-connect air fitting, o-rings & assembly screws. Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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