Mitsubishi Spindle Repair

15,000 rpm
Mitsubishi machine tool referred an aerospace customer to us. The customer had sent the large milling spindle to one of our competitors and the spindle failed shortly after installation. Our spindle repair competitor refused to cover the spindle under warranty even though the spindle failed within days of the installation.
When the spindle arrived we were tasked with finding the cause of failure. Here is what we found: The front shaft journal was egg shaped and badly scored causing stress to the bearing. The damage to the shaft and housing were indicative of extremely poor bearing installation practices. The bearing spacers were scored during the installation causing a non-parallel condition which leads to premature bearing failure.  This spindle had a hydraulic rotor. It was also installed improperly causing scoring to the shaft and rotor and bending the shaft.  The rear cover was in contact with the rear nut causing metal debris to enter the bearings.  The bearings were not installed in the proper orientation causing a lack of lubrication to the front quad set of bearings.  As you can see our competitor was not equipped to perform this repair and actually caused additional damage to the spindle when they worked on it. We have been repairing spindles for over thirty one years and have gained the knowledge and equipment to perform your repair properly. Don’t lose money and machine production time to a company who offers empty promises that they are qualified. Ask for references, warranty policy and make sure you feel comfortable with the company you’re dealing with before you send the spindle for repair.


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