Pace Maker 4J02808028 Spindle Rebuild

Pace Maker 4J02808028 Spindle Repair


Pacemaker / Brown & Sharp 4J02808028 Grease lubrication, stator driven, 3,300 rpm This motorized spindle was sent to us. The motor is a Pacemaker manufactured by Louis-Allis and the cartridge spindle is manufactured by Brown & Sharp. Incoming testing showed the spindle OD taper run out in assembly was 6 microns. The bearings felt bad and when test run it was loud.


The spindle was taken apart and we found the bearings were slightly contaminated. The spindle was quoted for bearing replacement and a kiss grind to the OD taper. The spindle was assembled. Outgoing tests show that the spindle left with 1 micron on the OD taper and the overall vibration readings were great.


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