Weiss Spindle Repair from a Bridgeport VMC

Bridgeport VMC Weiss Spindle Repair

Our customer sent in a Bridgeport VMC Weiss spindle for repair. They wanted us to rebuild the spindle without the grease injection option as they are not happy with the spindle’s longevity when it uses grease injection as a lubrication method.

Possible cause of failure:
Spindle is grease injection, customer wants it converted to grease pack.
Customer would like to keep the taper Big Plus for future use.
#1 bearing is contaminated, #2,3,4 feel worn.
Gripper fingers are worn.
Taper is ground and set as Big Plus
Customer supplied standard CT tool and retention knob.
Installed the big plus test bar using new grippers, run out was 4-6 µ with no rock, good contact

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