Top 4 Ways Your Spindle Rebuild Project WILL Benefit From an In-House Grinding Department

Top 4 Ways Your Spindle Rebuild Project WILL Benefit From an In-House Grinding Department

Simply put, a spindle repair company should have the experience and expertise to repair your spindle the right way. But short of sending your spindle to one company or another and hoping the repair goes well, how can you more accurately identify which shops are really the most skilled?

One method is to vet the shop’s services and look for a spindle repair company with an in-house grinding department. This service is often an indicator of where the rubber meets the road, and how strong the traction is—allowing you to receive higher quality craftsmanship, save on time and cost, and avoid all the headaches that come with less skilled shops that do not feature an in-house grinding department.

In-house Spindle Grinding: Improving Quality, Saving Time, and Cutting Cost

Not only does having an in-house grinding department eliminate the need to send parts out for secondary operations, but it also reduces the risks for error, eliminates needless shipping costs, and speeds up delivery to shorten downtime. Unlike many spindle rebuild specialists who rely on outside help to complete their jobs, a repair shop with an in-house grinding department cuts the need for outsourcing, and these efficiencies pay strong dividends to the customer.

Only a spindle repair provider with an in-house grinding department can achieve results that save time and money, and most importantly, assure quality every step of the way. And when it comes to holding micron tolerances, a spindle grinding department allows a company the in-house capabilities to address all of its customer’s needs.

To be specific, here is exactly how an in-house spindle grinding department saves you time and money, and by the same right, assures that your project is in the best hands:

  1. In-House Grinding Avoids Unnecessary Processes/Spending

Shipping charges, paying for a third party’s overhead, time, safely packaging multiple times, time spent acclimating, setup time—all of these processes can be reduced or avoided completely by keeping the job in house, therefore reducing the cost needed to charge for the job.

    1. In-House Grinding Means Faster Turnaround

A straight repair spindle for example that needs a kiss grind can be turned around in a few days because the shaft doesn’t need to be sent out. With a faster turn around, a customer can have their spindle back literally days sooner on a normal basis. And if a quick turn around is needed, in-house personnel can move their schedule around, or do it overnight to get a rush job done and back to a customer in need. In-house grinding also means not being left to the mercy of outsourcing holdups. With outsourcing, a job can easily get bumped depending on the vendor’s priorities.

  1. In-House Grinding Means Better Quality/More Know-how

In-house grinding technicians take into account the alignments and application of each grind for an overall better repair. In-house personnel also typically have a better knowledge of the particular application, and therefore can meet the needed specs better and catch anything else pertinent that could affect the repair. Modifications can therefore be done in house and on short notice.  Unfortunately, a third party grinder is only concerned with the area they were summoned to repair, so if something else needed attention, they may not check it—or even care.

  1. In-House Grinding Produces Shorter Lead Times/Greater Control of the Process

Another benefit is that in-house spindle grinding personnel can speak and deal directly with other employees, such as the plater, should any technical questions arise. This instant communications comes as a major benefit to the customer because it allows for a cost-saving collaboration that would not otherwise exist in an outsourced job.

At Northland Tool & Electronics, we maintain our position over the competition in part due to our specialized in-house spindle grinding department. While many other spindle rebuilders send their grinding work to outside vendors, we have made the investment in the machinery, the technology, and skilled technicians required to keep this vital service under our control and to your benefit.

We guarantee our work and stand behind our warranty. Contact us today to learn more about how in-house spindle grinding can help you get and keep your spindle working. Or check out one of our case studies to see why we consider ourselves among the best in the spindle repair business.



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