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Replacement parts are often necessary when repairing or rebuilding spindles. At Northland Tool & Electronics, all parts and accessories we order for our customers come from leading industry manufacturers.

We can also service parts and accessories related to spindle motors and live tooling. Our team has substantial experience in assessing and addressing spindle part failures in a timely manner.

Spindle Parts Repair Capabilities

Our team of highly skilled technicians has the ability to repair, rebuild, and acquire necessary parts for hundreds of spindle brands and models on the market. We can replace or service a variety of spindle parts in our facility, including:

To see examples of past repairs, explore our library of case studies by brand.

Purchasing Your Own Spindle Parts? Key Considerations

If you’re considering purchasing your own replacement spindle parts, here are some important questions to consider:

  • Does your piece require new parts or would a repair fix the problem? 
    More often than not, new parts are the preferred option. Your repair technician should be able to guide you in the appropriate direction.
  • Is a repair going to be more cost-effective than a replacement?
    It depends on the repair, but an experienced repair provider will be able to let you know the more economical option.
  • Is the company providing your parts reputable? 
    If you’re unsure whether to trust a supplier or manufacturer, other industry professionals can provide solid recommendations or guidance, as can purchasing departments and relevant OEMs. Parts ordered from the OEM (proprietary or otherwise) are typically reliable, but a repair provider with years of experience can also verify parts quality.
  • Do you need to purchase backup parts in addition to replacements? 
    This is not typically recommended, since you don’t want to be stuck with a spare part you won’t end up using. However, when it comes to drawbar parts, having a spare gripper on hand is not a bad idea.

Call Northland Tool For All Your Spindle Repair Needs

If you need a standard or emergency spindle repair, routine maintenance, testing, or precision grinding services, fill out our contact form here. We look forward to working with you to get your spindle running as good as new.

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Troy Riccardi Sales/Marketing
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