Why You Should Use a Third Party Repair Specialist — Don’t Let the OEM Hold a Gun to Your Head

Why You Should Use a Third Party Repair Specialist — Don’t Let the OEM Hold a Gun to Your Head

A consumer has essentially two options when searching for a spindle repair specialist — keep the job in-house with the original equipment manufacture (OEM) or entrust it with a third party company that specializes in custom spindle repair work.

While going with the OEM may seem like the easiest thing to do — think again. A third party spindle-rebuilding specialist is the smarter option nowadays, not only in terms of costs savings, but also because of efficiencies in turnaround time and quality repair guarantees.

The following is a list of reasons why it makes more sense to choose a third party spindle repair specialist over an OEM:

  • Quicker turnaround — Third party spindle rebuilders specialize in only one thing: Repairing/rebuilding spindles. Unlike the OEM, which is also heavily focused on sales, a third party specialist possesses all the tools necessary to get a spindle repair job in and out the door in a timely fashion.
  • More economical — Dealing with a third party is often much cheaper than going with an OEM — and in some cases can be 50% less than an OEM.
  • Customer service — With an OEM, you are likely just a number. With a third party spindle repair specialist, customer service is paramount to continue business relationships.
  • Communication — A third party spindle rebuilder understands the importance of keeping its clients involved in the process. OEM repairs often fail to continually communicate to their clients the details relating to a repair job.
  • Experience — Companies that specialize in spindle repair often retain a workforce that is highly skilled and highly experienced. Unlike OEM repairs, these workers have worked on many different models of spindles, and therefore are able to troubleshoot any spindle issue that could arise.
  • Efficiency — An OEM traditionally follows a standard repair process that involves replacement of every part, whether needed or not. A third party spindle repair specialist only repairs/replaces what is needed, thereby saving you in time and money.
  • Problem Solving — A third party spindle repair specialist takes a problem solving approach rather than the standard robotic repair process. Specialists not only evaluate what is causing the spindle failure, they also recommend ways to correct it, as well as provide preventative action recommendations to extend your spindle life.

As a third party spindle rebuilder for over the last 30 years, Northland Tool & Electronics has the experience and know-how to solve your spindle issues in a timely and cost effective fashion. We have rebuilt machine tool spindles of every type, including machining centers, grinders, printed circuit board, and woodworking — from 120,000-rpm grinding spindles to 2,500-pound milling spindles. Our team of skilled spindle repair specialists has over 100 years of combined technician knowledge. Our customer service is second to none. Contact us today.

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