The Benefits of a Ceramic Conversion Program by Northland Tool

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Jesse Riccardi General Manager
The Benefits of a Ceramic Conversion Program by Northland Tool

There are many benefits of a ceramic conversion program by Northland Tool & Electronics, including:

Service: Our staff will be in contact with you all the way through the spindle repair process, and will make sure the spindle is performing to your satisfaction after delivery.

Quality repair: Northland Tool uses only the best materials and skilled technicians in your spindle assembly.
Example: NTE has a customer whose router spindles where only lasting 6 to 12 months between repairs. The high repair costs and machine down time were seriously affecting the companies’ profits. We converted their spindle to ceramic bearings, and the 1st spindle has been running without issue in his machine for 2 ½ years!

Competitive pricing: Northland Tool & Electronics has been in business for 31 years, in that time we have streamlined our processes and purchasing to give you the fair repair price you need to stay competitive. Some repairs are less than 50% the cost of the OEM.

Please see the information below from regarding the advantages of ceramic rolling elements:

Hybrid Bearings Help Spindle Designers Achieve:

  • Higher Spindle Speeds
  • Reduced Vibration Levels
  • Cooler Operation
  • Improved System Designs
  • Longer Life

Key Benefits

  • Low Lube
  • Insulation
  • High Speed
  • Durability

When a spindle “crashes” excessive loads are imparted to the bearing, and bearing performance is compromised. In some instances, steel bearings will seize after a spindle crash because the steel-on-steel contact causes severe micro-welding of the steels. Because silicon nitride does not react with steel, micro-welding problems are eliminated and often, bearings can “speed down” after a crash, saving many other costly spindle repairs.


  • Reduced Contact Angle Change
  • Stable Running Preload
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Decreased Lube Degradation
  • Lower Friction
  • Decreased Centrifugal Force
  • Reduced Ball Skidding
  • Decreased Gyroscopic Moment

Provided by these:


  • Lower Thermal Expansion
  • Smoother Surface
  • Lighter Weight
  • Higher Stiffness

Bearing Speed Defined


Ceramic Conversion Program

Ceramic Conversion Program

Ceramic Conversion Program


As speeds increase, Hybrid Bearings with CERBEC ceramic balls run cooler. With Reduced heat build up, lubricant life is prolonged.
Compared To STEEL

CERBEC® balls offer many advantages.

The combination of:

  • lower thermal expansion
  • higher hardness
  • higher stiffness
  • lighter weight
  • increased corrosion resistance
  • higher electrical resistance
    • Increases performance and decreases total operating costs for the bearing user.
    • Decreased lube degradation & less wear yield longer bearing life.
    • Higher Operating Speeds mean increased productivity.
    • Reduced Downtime with less maintenance gives higher reliability.
    • Expanded Design Possibilities help you solve your bearing problems.
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Jesse Riccardi General Manager

With over 15 years of spindle rebuilding experience, training, and shop management, Jesse specializes in partnering with industry leaders to advance and improve the precision machine service market.

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