Bridgeport VMC1000XP3 Spindle Repair

10,000 RPM
Sometimes the cause of failure is not what you would expect. This spindle lies in that category. As we rebuild all makes and models of spindles we have a huge knowledge base to build from. After cleaning and inspecting this spindle we found that the rear roller failed. The rear roller that came with the spindle for repair was rated at 10,000 RPM grease. As this is exactly the rated speed of the spindle so we upgraded the rear roller to the high speed design to allow for a cushion. We also did a kiss grind to the taper to correct the 3 microns of run out. The spindle was returned to the customer and is performing well.
We have seen other rebuilders putting in parts that are rated on the edge or below the spindles performance specifications to increase their profits. Northland Tool always looks at the cause of failure and looks for ways to increase your spindles performance and lifespan. In the long run this increases your profits with better part quality and longer spindle life between repairs.

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