Cincinnati Milacron 10HC 2500

Cincinnati Milacron 10HC 2500 Spindle Repair


A customer sent us their Cincinnati Milacron 10HC 2500 spindle and reported noise at the low end of operating speed. Upon our initial inspection, the spindle was noisy and bearings felt rough when spun by hand. There were no signs of contamination. Taper appeared to be in poor condition and had poor contact. The main bearing housing has been previously re-worked. The housing is egged and out of ISO. The drive dogs are worn and need to be replaced. The grippers were significantly worn.


Precision grinding work was required to bring spindle parts back to spec. We performed a grind, chrome-plate, finish grind to the 125mm bearing housing to address egged diameter. A kiss grind was applied to the 45 ID taper to improve surface contact. This repair required full replacement of the following parts:
  • Bearings
  • Bolts
  • O-rings
  • Grippers
  • Drive dogs
  • Belleville washers
  • Gasket and Seals

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