Heald Red Head 411 Spindle Repair

12,000 RPM

The grease was completely washed out of this spindle causing bearing failure. This can be caused by coolant being directed at the face of the spindle or not removing coolant from the spindle before it cools. As the spindle cools it will draw the coolant into the spindle similar to soldering a joint. Over time this will accumulate in the bearings causing premature failure.

The rear pulley taper had 16 microns run out so we kiss ground it to bring it back to ISO specifications. The front bearing journal is fretted and undersized by -14 microns and was ground plate ground. The front housing was scored an egged by 5 microns so that was also ground plate ground. We adjusted the preload, balanced, assembled and broke in the spindle before the final QC and shipment back to the customer. View Our Heald Spindle Repair Page Here.

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