Ingersoll T1000 Spindle Rebuild

Ingersoll T1000 Spindle Repair


Northland Tool & Electronics has worked closely with our customer, a large automobile manufacturer, for over 20 years maintaining the spindles in their Ingersoll machines. Our customer incorporates a progressive predictive maintenance program in their facility and Northland Tool is encouraged to provide input on spindle failures and corrective actions. Our customer contacted Ingersoll and Northland Tool to review this information and determined it would be cost effective to replace this 20 year old spindles shaft with new to insure OEM specifications were held in the repair process and to provide continued reliability of the spindle. In our evaluation we also found the rear bearing housing was “egged” or “out of round”. The spindle was quoted with a new shaft and grind, chrome plate and finish grind of the rear bearing housing and bearing replacement. The customer also decided at the same time to order two extra shafts due to the lead time and the quantity of spindles they have that may require them.


Northland Tool received the shafts from Ingersoll and completed the grind plate grind of the housing. All parts to the spindle were qualified. We manufactured new bearing spacers and some other wear parts to bring this spindle to the same condition it was in brand new.


By working with our customers like a partner we can reduce their machine downtime and spindle repair costs. Northland Tools benefit is a customer that has used our services for over 20 years and will continue to use us far into the future.

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