Kitamura Transmission Repair

3,000 rpm

A Kitamura machine tool dealer we work closely with was called to pull a spindle from their customer’s machine and found that the cause of the problem was the transmission for the spindle. The dealer referred their customer to Northland Tool & Electronics and described the transmission to us. We discussed the problems they were having and determined that we could rebuild it. We received the transmission and found both external pulley shafts OD’s were very worn. This looseness caused damage to the shaft, drive keys and nut from fretting. The pulley shaft was ground; chrome plated and finish ground to spec. The pulleys were welded, machined for sleeve installation and a key way was cut in. The assembly technician replaced all of the bearings; seals, assembled checked for proper gear mess and shifting and test ran. Final quality control ran the transmission at the maximum rpm and it passed all tests. The transmission is back at the customers and the machine tool dealer says the machine is running fine.

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