Matsuura MC-600VF Spindle Repair

Matsuura MC-600VF Spindle Repair


This spindle was received without the front cover, and the rear shaft nut was completely backed off. Breakdown of the spindle revealed that the interior was full of contamination and some parts had corrosion. Integrated drive keys were badly damaged and gripper fingers were heavily worn. The drawbar nut (spring holder) was stuck and needed to be machined off. The drawbar shaft had been plated and chrome was chipping off causing the Bellevilles to stick. The rear bearing journal for tapered roller measured with high runout.  


This Matsuura spindle rebuild required the following actions:
  • Reconditioned damaged drive keys
  • Grind, chrome plate & finish grind to the drawbar shaft
  • Kiss grind the rear roller journal
  • Installed all new bearings, Bellevilles, grippers, o-rings & assembly screws
  • Adjust preload, assemble, balance and break in procedure
  • Final quality control inspection


Every Northland Tool repair is covered by a comprehensive 1-year warranty.
Matsuura MC-600VF Spindle Repair


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