Mori Seiki NL2000SY sub spindle Probably a little bump in the night


Mori Seiki NL2000SY sub spindle, 6000 RPM, grease lubrication, stator driven

Our customer indicated that this turning center sub spindle was noisy during operation. We did not find excessive coolant contamination of any spindle components, only some light corrosion in the front labyrinth. Even the bearing grease was intact, with only the slightest discoloring. While there was no damage evident on the nose of the spindle, we could only conclude that some kind of undesirable contact occurred between the main spindle or turret and this sub spindle, causing the bearings to malfunction. In fact, we could find no significant dimensional deviations anywhere on the shaft taper, bearing journals and shoulders or in the front and rear bearing housing bores.


After a thorough cleaning of all spindle components, we reassembled the spindle with all new bearings, o-rings and assembly screws. We test ran the spindle to break in the new lubricant and confirmed that the vibration & temperature readings were within specification. This job was what we here at NTE call a “straight rebuild”, meaning that no dimensional rework was required. The techs love these!


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