Mori Seiki SH5000 Spindle Repair

Mori Seiki Spindle Repair

Mori Seiki has been a mainstay in the machine tool world since 1948. They are known for quality and reliability.[...]

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Mori Seiki has been a mainstay in the machine tool world since 1948. They are known for quality and reliability. Mori Seiki spindles share the same qualities as the Mori Seiki machine. Mori Seiki spindles are built with longevity and quality in mind. Mori Seiki invests heavily in updating their spindle designs and provides its customers with one of the best machine tool spindles on the market today.

Northland Tool & Electronics repairs most every type of Mori Seiki spindle including Mori Seiki turning center spindles, Mori Seiki vertical machining center spindles, Mori Seiki multi axis turning center spindles, Mori Seiki horizontal machining center spindles and Mori Seiki CNC Lathe spindles.

There are many critical specifications that need to be met in order for the spindles to achieve their expected lifespan and quality. Northland Tool & Electronics is also a BIG PLUS authorized spindle rebuilder. That makes us the only independent  spindle rebuilder with the authorization, equipment and experience to fix your BIG PLUS Mori Seiki spindle.


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Upon arrival, every spindle is logged into our production tracking software system. Any issues associated with incoming condition as related to transit are noted.[...]

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The spindles are prioritized and moved to either the disassembly technicians or to the spindle run-up room, depending on the circumstances. Our techs carefully break down the spindle into its component parts while meticulously noting their general condition as well as specific damage to them. They also photograph the process and perform a full dimensional inspection to identify excessive wear which may help identify the cause of failure.

Once the initial disassembly and evaluation are completed, the spindle is given a second look by our production manager who reviews & completes the evaluation. He will identify the mode of failure and all pertinent issues, as well as recommended corrective actions. Many evaluations are not complete until the production manager consults with the head of our grinding & machining department. We often have recommendations for additional steps the customer can take to prevent premature spindle failure in the future. We call on our 30 plus years of experience rebuilding spindles to come to these conclusions.

After our purchasing department sources all replacement part costs & lead times, the quote is generated, given a final check and communicated to the customer for approval. Once we have received the approval, production is scheduled and parts are ordered. All spindle parts are carefully cleaned and any grinding or machining operations are completed. Only when all components are available and qualified does the spindle proceed to our spindle assembly technicians. These highly trained professionals assemble all the spindle components and then perform a rigorous break-in process which may include dynamic balancing as well as thermal & vibration analysis depending on the type of spindle. After a final quality control check is performed, the spindle is given back to our shipping department, carefully boxed to minimize the possibility of in-transit damage and shipped back to you, our customer. Hide Details

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At Northland, we take pride in our expert knowledge of every brand we repair-please see the list of models we repair below. If you do not see your particular model please contact us, we have probably repaired one just like it in our over 30 years of spindle rebuilding:

  • CL 253B
  • MSX-803
  • NL2500SMC-700
  • SL2500
  • MH-40
  • MV45
  • SH50
  • SL-8F
  • CL-153
  • MSX-850
  • NMV5000 DCG
  • SL-250BSMC
  • MH-400
  • MV45-40
  • SH-50
  • SV-500
  • CL200
  • MSX-850BM
  • NN1000
  • SL253BMC
  • MH50
  • MV5000
  • SH500
  • TL 5
  • CL-200B/500
  • MT 253
  • SL-25B
  • MH63
  • MV-55
  • SH500/40
  • TL 500
  • CL-203B
  • MT 253S/1000
  • NT3150 SZ
  • SL-25MC
  • MH630
  • MV-65
  • SH-503/50
  • TL5
  • CL-20A
  • MT 4000S/4000
  • NT4200
  • SL-2H
  • MH-633
  • SH-63
  • TV30
  • CL25A
  • MT1500SZ
  • NT4250
  • SZ
  • SL303A/1500
  • MH-80
  • MV65B/50
  • SH630 TV-30
  • Dura Turn 2050
  • mt-2000
  • NT4300
  • SL-303AMC/700
  • MR1500
  • MV-65B/50
  • SL 5A
  • TV-40
  • Duracenter
  • MT20001ASZ NT5400 / 1800SZ
  • SL35/B1500
  • SL-200SMC
  • ZL-25
  • NH-6300
  • MSG-805
  • SH40
  • MV40B
  • SL6-B
  • M300L2
  • ZL25
  • MH-3000
  • MV-40E
  • SH400
  • SL-75B
  • ZT1000Y
  • NL 2500
  • SL-204
  • SMC
  • ZL25B/500
  • SL-154SY
  • NH5000DCG
  • MSG-501
  • SL6B
  • SH-3H
  • JR
  • MV
  • M300A1
  • Zl-200smc
  • MS1250
  • ZL-200S
  • SL154
  • DCG
  • NH5000/40
  • MSC603
  • MT2500SZ/1500
  • MV-80
  • SL 603C
  • TV-400
  • Duraturn
  • 2050MC
  • MT-2000A1SZ
  • NT6600
  • DCG SL35B
  • NVL1350T
  • SL150SMC
  • L100H
  • mt2500
  • NV7000
  • SL-65
  • MSC-502MA
  • NH4000
  • SL-150SMC
  • ZL-200
  • L-100H
  • MT-2500
  • NVD 5000
  • SL65B
  • MSC-518
  • NH5000
  • SL-153YMC
  • M300
  • MT2500SZ/1500
  • ZL-15S
  • NH10000DCG
  • SL4 MS-850G
  • HG400
  • MSC501
  • NV5000/b
  • SL6
  • ZL15S
  • MT-2002SZ
  • SL3H
  • MS850
  • G MV-JR
  • SL-15
  • ZL-15
  • GV-503
  • MT-2000S
  • NV5000
  • NH 6300
  • SL-150
  • MS-1250G
  • MV-80C
  • SL 65MC
  • VM40
  • GV-500
  • MT2000S
  • MT2000S


Here are just a few of the actual failures we have found in Mori Seiki spindles. Mori Seiki spindles are very well built from the OEM and usually last for extended periods of time but eventually they wear out from use.

Some Mori Seiki spindles are made with specialty bearings that are designed to allow better lubrication flow to the raceways. Many independent spindle rebuilders modify the lubrication delivery system to allow them to use cheaper bearings. Northland Tool & Electronics only uses bearings that have the same design and quality characteristics as the OEM originals.

Northland Tool & Electronics is capable of repairing most every Mori Seiki spindle made including damaged ceramic tapers, damaged drive dogs, crashed spindles, electrical issues and most every cause of failure that may happen.

When sending in your Mori Seiki spindle for repair please include all of the rotating parts including the drawbar system. We like to balance everything as an assembly and make sure the draw bar system is functioning properly and has the correct tool holding force.

I really didn’t expect this; You guys really pulled it off! My many thanks to your outstanding crew for helping us get back into production.
— Dan Eaton, Taylor Metalworks
Its great not to be sending spindles out on a regular basis since you addressed my problems, but I know they will still be coming sooner or later. Never a problem when we get them back , run better than new. Hope everything is ok there. Please tell everyone there that we here appreciate everything that you do to keep us up and running and the quick turnarounds. Have delt with the rest now deal with the best. Have a great week end and up and coming holiday.
— Northland Customer
Thank you NTE just received spindle today and WOW ! what a nice job. Can’t wait to use it. Thank the Northland team for us for a job well done 
— Northland Customer
Both of the spindles that you repaired are on the machines and running great. We don’t have any spares for those grinders. We probably will not be purchasing a spare, as you have been able to turn around the repairs quickly and the price of a spare is cost prohibitive.
— Northland Customer
I am writing to thank Northland Tool for going the extra mile and saving my company from expensive machine downtime and expensive repairs. We have always sent our Chiron spindles for repair as a shaft with bearings. None of our previous rebuilders pointed out the bearing fretting or the fact that the housing in the machine was out of tolerance and causing premature failure to the spindles. After Northland fixed the housings the spindles have never sounded as good or run as well! Great job guys!
— Northland Customer
The detailed cause of failure reports and the expert technical advice that Northland Tool provides is bar none the best I have ever seen. We struggled to keep two of our large our milling spindles running for longer than 6 to 12 months. Northland Tools evaluation showed that the hydraulic nuts were not holding the assembly together causing premature spindle failure. We discussed this in detail and mutually decided to modify the spindle shaft to prevent this from occurring again. The first spindle we performed this on is still in the machine running like new after 3 years. That’s over three times the life of previous repairs and it’s still going strong. Easily over $40,000.00 of savings so far on that one machine and counting.
— Northland Customer
Your people go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to spindle repair. When we had difficulty with the spindle installation and we were able to talk directly to a spindle technician that helped us troubleshoot the issue it helped us out of a bind. We have sent several spindles to you and have nothing but great things to say.
— Northland Customer
Thank you for your attention with my quick turn spindle repair. Your status updates allowed me to plan around machine downtime and I now know that you deliver on your promises. In the past other spindle repair vendors talked a big game and consistently failed to deliver. You not only delivered my spindle before the due date but you kept me informed throughout the entire repair process.
— Northland Customer
You performed a miracle with my BIG PLUS spindle. After crashing the spindle severely damaging the taper we found that a replacement spindle was not only cost prohibitive but had a long delivery. Your repair was a fraction of the cost of new and you never would know that the spindle was damaged to the extent it was.
— Northland Customer
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