Mori Seiki MV40 Spindle Repair

12,000 rpm

We repair several spindles from our customers in Canada. This spindle came to us in very rough shape. The spindle had a damaged shaft taper, broken drive dogs, coolant plungers were worn and the shaft journals were undersized. We were able to repair the drive dogs in our machining department and fix the shaft dimensional issues by grind, chrome plate and finish grinding the shaft taper and bearing journals. This process can be done for a fraction of the cost that the OEM would charge to replace the shaft. In some cases we can improve the shaft design and make it more robust than the original. Our experienced technicians then assembled the spindle in our clean room and test run, balanced and performed our rigorous final quality checks. The spindle was shipped back to the customer.

Some of the fears we hear from prospective customers in Canada is the border crossing. Please call us if you have any questions and we can provide a solution. Our expert-shipping department handles all of the commercial invoices and sets up important documents with the customs brokerage. We experience very few border delays.

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