Mori Seiki SV500 Spindle Repair

This Mori Seiki spindle was sent to us from a company in Italy to repair. Their sister plant here in the United States has been a customer of ours for spindle rebuild over 20 years.

The spindle was completely disassembled when we received it. At times this makes it difficult to determine the cause of failure but we are able to determine which parts will need to be reworked or replaced in our initial spindle evaluation. Our evaluation showed that the front spindle bearings failed first and were stressed to the point that the inner races split. The drawbar assembly gripper fingers and Belleville washers were worn beyond tolerance. The shaft drive dogs and front cover were damaged from impact. The rear housing was tapered and worn oversize by 25 microns.

We replaced the gripper fingers and Belleville washers to recondition the drawbar assembly. Our machining department repaired the damaged drive dogs. The rear housing and shaft taper where sent to our grinding department where they were green ground, chrome plated then finish ground on one of our Kellenburger ID/OD universal grinders.

Once the reconditioned parts passed our QC process the spindle was released to our clean room for assembly. The shaft was balanced on our schenk balancer and the bearings were installed. Then shaft was gently slid into the housing and the capture was set. After the rest of the spindle was assembled the spindle was placed on our custom test stand for break in and final trim balance. When this was completed the spindle repair was thoroughly tested by our QC personnel to insure micron tolerances are held and the vibration levels were within our standards.

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