Customer Project Case Studies

Ball Cage Manufacture

Many spindle rebuilders do not have the equipment or skill to manufacture the ball cages that are essential for proper preload of the bearings. The practice of reusing ball cages is usually done because they have no other option. They have not invested in the machinery and skill sets needed to manufacture parts correctly. One of the more common failures we see from other rebuilders is a ball cage that no longer functions freely. This causes excessive preload to the bearing set as the spindle experiences thermal growth. That eventually causes premature bearing failure. Don’t get short changed on your next repair.

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Mori Seiki SH500 BIG PLUS

Mori Seiki SH500 BIG PLUS This customer was referred to us by another of our customers. This spindle had been repaired several years ago and during that repair the taper was kiss ground. Unfortunately that made the BIG PLUS taper unusable. We were able to repair the taper to BIG PLUS standards and rebuild the spindle. Click Here for a Free Spindle Evaluation by our experienced staff.

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