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Spindle Actuator Repair

This is a drawbar actuator that the walls of the ID had been scored and allowed hydraulic fluid to seep around the seals and contaminate the spindle bearings causing premature bearing failure. We were able to rework the ID in our grinding department saving our customer several thousands of dollars.

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Manufacturing Spindle Parts

Since you can’t go to the local parts store and buy a front spindle housing and the lead times from the OEM can be measured in months not days, if they will even sell you the part. We manufacture replacement parts here to keep you up and running. Northland Tool manufactured this part, with micron tolerances, in 4 days and had our customer up and running in less than 7 days.

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Northland Tool BIG PLUS Spindle Repair Services

Insure your getting the maximum performance from your BIG PLUS tooling by having your spindles repaired by Northland Tool & Electronics.   To receive the maximum benefit from your BIG PLUS tooling your spindle must meet the same high quality standards you have come to expect from BIG PLUS. Northland Tool has worked closely with the engineers at BIG Kaiser to develop a repair program exclusively for your BIG PLUS spindles. Special care and attention will be given to the tooling interface, drawbar, bearing journals and balance, insuring that we provide the extreme accuracy required.

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