GMN TS180X318 Spindle Repair


We received this spindle with a complaint that the spindle had play in the bearings and it made noise. Upon evaluation of the spindle it was found that the inner bearing spacer had been manufactured larger than the outer shoulder of the housing causing the spindle bearings to have no preload. The V ring seal made very little contact. Once the seal wore it would no longer made contact after a short period of operation. The front shaft journal was undersized by -12/-16, ISO at +/-5. The shaft taper and face both had high run out.


The customer was made aware of the issue and due to the fact that the customer was down they opted for an expedited rebuild. We would grind, chrome plate and finish grind the front shaft journal, kiss the shaft taper and face. We manufactured new spacers to increase pressure and upgraded the v-ring seals to Viton. The spindle was assembled and the spindle was balanced and test run for 6 hours.


Outgoing report shows that the spindle does not have play in the bearings. The last time we spoke with our customer they were very happy with the spindle and the information we had provided regarding the issue.


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