GMN TSSV110 Spindle Repair

42,000 rpm

This spindle came from a customer that we have worked with extensively to develop a repair program that fits their needs. They have an inventory of spare spindles on hand but did not wish to carry the repair costs in their inventory. Together we decided that they would send in the spare spindle inventory and Northland Tool & Electronics will break down the spindles, provide a cause of failure and a repair price. Once the spindle is approved the spindle goes into our system to be repaired. Once the spindle is rebuilt it then goes onto our environmentally controlled storage room until the customer requires it. Our customer calls us when the spindle is needed and we ship and invoice it that same day.

However with this spindle the customer needed it back as soon as possible. We were able to quote and rebuild the spindle within 4 days. The customer was up and running within a week. We are always looking to help our customers out. This could be turning a spindle around within a week or holding a rebuilt spindle until it is required in their facility. Contact us if you have any special requirements with your spindle

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