Hardinge Elite 6 42 Spindle Repair

Possible cause of failure:

#1 and#2 front bearings failed, coolant washed out the lubricating grease.
#3 and # 4 bearings are failing and the od’s are very fretted(most likely caused when the fronts failed).
#’s 5,6,7 bearings are slightly contaminated.
Guide bushing adapter has a large chip broken out of it at some existing balance holes.
Rear wiper seal for the draw tube support shaft was broken into several pieces.
Missing the rear actuator assembly
Secondary collet 3/16″ hole is out of round, guide bushing collet face, id are worn.Repair action:
Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Replace bearings, o-rings, fittings, oil lines, guide bushing adapter and the collets.
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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