Hardinge Lathe LC-1220

5,000 rpm

Our customer sent us this Hardinge spindle repair because it started to make noise and they knew failure was not far away. We disassembled the spindle and found contamination in the bearings from normal usage. We also found that the collet locating surface had 5 microns run out, the face had 4 microns run out and the od had 5 microns of run out. The front and rear nuts had been damaged and needed repair. We also manufactured a new spacer for the pulley. All the parts were cleaned and the spindle was assembled in our clean room.

During the final test run the spindle was out of our allowable tolerance for balance. We requested a draw tube and collet from our customer so that we could balance the entire assembly as a unit. Once the spindle was run with the additional parts only a small amount of trim balancing was necessary.

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