Hardinge VMC 1000 Spindle Repair

This was our customers spare Hardinge spindle. They removed it from service because it had bearing noise. The drawbar was removed and put into the spindle that was installed in the machine. We like to get all the rotating parts for every repair to guarantee adequate balance but we also realize in some cases it is not possible.

Possible cause of failure:
• Spindle sounded rough when spun by hand.
• Came in with a loose pulley nut that loads the rear roller.
• No drawbar assembly was supplied, also missing some additional rotating tail parts. (We cannot trim balance the spindle without these parts)
• Shaft taper has wear.
• Rear roller cage is broken.
• Front quad set 1 and 2 are slightly contaminated, 3 and 4 look clean.

Repair action:
• Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
• Replace bearings, orings, and screws.
Kiss grind the taper.
• Adjust preload, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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