Matsuura HP405 Spindle Repair

Matsuura HP405 Spindle Rebuild

The BIG PLUS taper interface of this Matsuura HP405 spindle had been severely damaged over time. The BIG PLUS taper and contacting face had been worn to the point they were no longer useable for production. Northland Tool and Electronics has the ability to recondition the spindle shaft to OEM new condition at a fraction of the price of replacement.

Possible cause of failure:

  • Heavy damage to shaft taper face, groove worn into it from the tool shoulder
  • Front bearing failure from contamination

Repair action:

  • Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  • Replace bearings
  • Weld/machine Big Plus taper face
  • Grind chrome plate and regrind Big Plus taper.
  • Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in
  • Final quality control inspection


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