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Weiss 176162 Spindle Repair

Weiss, 15000 RPM, CAT-40, grease injection bearing lubrication, stator drive Installed in a Hardinge Bridgeport XR500 5AX (5-axis vertical machining center) When our customer first contacted us about this spindle, they were limiting the spindle speed to 4-5000 RPM because it was emitting a loud, high-pitched squeal if run any faster. A week later, they were unable to go past 1000 RPM without it screaming,…

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Ingersoll T1000 Spindle Repair

Northland Tool & Electronics has worked closely with our customer, a large automobile manufacturer, for over 20 years maintaining the spindles in their Ingersoll machines. Our customer incorporates a progressive predictive maintenance program in their facility and Northland Tool is encouraged to provide input on spindle failures and corrective actions. Our customer contacted Ingersoll and Northland Tool to review this information and determined it would be cost…

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Hardinge Spindle Repair

Hardinge 10,000 rpm spindle
A returning customer called us about a spindle. After two years of running the spindle started to make a high pitched noise. The customers machine tool repairman went in and told them it was belt noise. The customer adjusted belts and the spindle was quiet again. They called in a month later and the spindle was no longer running. The customer sent the spindle in for evaluation.

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GMN TS70CX115 Spindle Repair By Northland Tool

GMN TS70X115, 10000 RPM, grease bearing lubrication, belt drive
This double-ended grinding spindle was making noise in the customer’s Walter grinding machine so they sent it in for evaluation & quoting. They stated that they were interested in an expedited turn time as they do not stock spare spindles for their grinding machines.

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Walter DB112005 Spindle Repair

Walter DB112005, 10,000 RPM, grease lubrication, belt drive, dual OD tapers for wheel hubs Our customer, a large tooling manufacturer, was experiencing a loud, roaring noise and poor part finish with this double-ended grinding spindle. Our evaluation of the spindle showed that one of the two pairs of ceramic bearings had failed due to contamination with grinding swarf. The grease in those bearings was degraded…

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Niigata SPN 40 Spindle Repair

Niigata SPN 40 Spindle Rebuild
Possible cause of failure:
Catastrophic failure of #1 and #2 front bearings.
Shaft 40 taper is below gauge line.
OD of shaft nose has a large dent, drive dogs have light cosmetic wear.
Repair action:
Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Grind, plate & regrind shaft 40 taper.
True bearing spacer shoulders.
Replace bearings & o-rings.
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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Mori Seiki NV5000

12,000 rpm
This spindle was crashed causing damage to the front bearings and the BIG PLUS taper. We needed to grind plate grind the taper to bring it back to manufacturers specifications.
Our final QC showed we had less than 2 microns run out on a 13 inch BIG PLUS test bar that repeated over 20 tool changes. The only way to achieve this type of accuracy is to have all the required BIG PLUS test tooling and a close working relationship with BIG PLUS.
Our competition claims to be able to repair BIG PLUS spindles.

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Fanuc Robodrill Spindle Repair

Fanuc Robodrill Spindle Rebuild
Possible cause of failure:

Front bearing is worn
Taper has 12 microns runout
Spindle has been crashed

Repair action:

Clean, inspect overall dimensions
Replace bearings
Kiss grind taper
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in
Final quality control inspection

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Topper Spindle Repair

Possible cause of failure:
Bearing failure from contamination in the front and rear.
Rear of spindle covered with dried coolant.
Drawbar and bellevilles are extremely rusted, rotary union may have been leaking if being used.
Taper is very rusted and pitted, sitting well below gauge line and has 80 microns run out.
Spindle nose is equipped with an air purge, but the fitting hole is plugged and not being used.
Rear shaft roller journal is 0/-3 (iso is +2/+9) with this bearing set up it should be around +3.5.
Drive pulley teeth are showing a lot of wear.

Recommended action:
Clean, inspect overall dimensions.

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Mitsui Spindle Rebuild

Mitsui Spindle Rebuild
This spindle had been recently rebuilt by someone else before it arrived at NTE. It was running very hot and seizing in our customers machine. The heat was caused by too much grease in the bearings. This condition makes the balls of the bearings “plow” through the grease causing resistance and heat. This heat causes the bearings to expand and eventually the clearance between the balls and raceways disappears. This is when the spindle stops turning.
Possible cause of failure:
Front bearing #2 feels rough, all bearings have excessive amounts of grease.
Journal & housing fits are all within ISO.

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